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Shake n Go Playset Track Cars 2 World Grand Prix Nigel Jeff Gorvette Pixar

"Lightning Mcqueen"
"Francesco Bernoulli"
"Nigel Gearsley"
"Jeff Gorvette"
"Shake n go cars 2"

Shake your cars, then place them on the starting line and let the adventure begin. Bring The Excitement of Cars 2 The Movie To Life. It's a head-to-head race of speed and fun, all the way to the finish line, just like in the Disney Pixar CARS2 movie! The World Grand Prix playset combines the thrill of the international speedway with two favorite character cars from the movie: Lightning McQueen and Francesco. Shake your cars, place them at the starting line, and let the race begin. The more you shake 'em, the further they go! Cars race up to 20 feet (6 m) Kids will love watching the head to head racing action as the cars race through the key venues from around the world Tokyo, Italy and London! The track also features the camera from the movie--turn the camera to knock cars off the track! And with two cars included in the World Grand Prix playset track, it's just as fun to play by yourself, or host a friendly competition with family and friends.

Kids love to make things go at this age. Car racing gives them a taste of speed, action, and the thrill of competition while teaching them valuable lessons about cause and effect, and good sportsmanship. With this kind of play, everyone wins! Toys like this "rev up" kids' imaginations. With the World Grand Prix as a tool, kids can create a pretend world where they control the action. If they've already seen the movie—or at least know some of the characters—they'll get a head start retelling their favorite stories, and then building on these to create their own adventures. Perhaps your race car needs to make a stop at the garage for repairs? Or gets knocked off track by the camera, just like in the movie! This type of play puts them on the fast track to security, imagination, and self-confidence!

The opportunities for storytelling and imaginative play are endless when you collect all eight DisneyPixar CARS 2 Shake 'N Go collection character cars. Choose your favorite characters from the movie, including Finn McMissle, Nigel Gearsley, Mater, Professor Z, Holley Shiftwell, or Jeff Gorvette.

What's In The Box? Cars 2 Grand Prix Raceway, 1 Lightning McQueen Shake 'n Go Vehicle, 1 Francesco Shake 'n Go Vehicle, and instruction manual. Each car requires 2 AA (LR6) Alkaline batteries, not included. This track sells for about $39.95 available in all toy stores like Target, toys r us, walmart.

Whether he's putting out a fire or caring for the beautiful flowers in town, Red the Fire Truck is there to support and protect his beloved Radiator Springs.

Brave El Materdor is Spain's prize bulldozer fighter. Just shake him up to start his engine, let him go and watch him race.

Well, Dad Gum!" In the Disney/Pixar movie Cars, Mater is the best backwards driver in Radiator Springs. He is also one of the funniest characters in Carburetor County and the best friend anybody could have anywhere.

Lightning McQueen and Mater head to the World Grand Prix where they get caught up in international espionage. Fisher-Price brings the World Grand Prix to life for the youngest racing fans in the Cars 2 Shake 'n Go World Grand Prix playset.

Also available from Fisher Price is the Toy Story 3 playset with sheriff cowboy Woody and Buzz Lightyear

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