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Race Team Mater, Sal Machiani and Ape die-cast Cars 2 Pixar Mattel

Hello Disney Pixar Fans and youtubers, it's your friend blucollection here showing you another great diecast from the Disney Pixar film CARS. In this video I'm gonna be unboxing 2 die-casts from Cars2. Here we have "Race team Mater" and "Sal Machiani" also called Ape. These diecast cars are smokin hot and awesome! They both are 1:55 scale diecasts exclusive from Mattel. Although this three-wheeled Sal Machiani aka Ape looks completely different than the ones sold at Disney store. Different eye color, size and different body color. The ones from Disney store are 1:43 scale diecast (a tiny bit bigger) they have blue eyes and comes in sunshine yellow and light green. And the ones from Disneystore only comes in a clear display case sold in a 2-pack.

Sal Mahiani is about as gentle and old-world as they come. A busy little bee, he scoots around, up the steep hills of the Tuscan town of Carsoli, Italy, with his sweet-smelling exhaust trailing behind. More than making up for his small size by being an ape-of-all-trades, Sal can be found hard at work on any given day. But most evenings he's at the local cafe, shipping regional olio with his amici, and bidding passing microcars, "Buona sera" He is modeled after a Piaggio Ape. In a promotional character poster for Cars 2, he is referred to as "Ape". The Piaggio Ape (pronounced "ah-peh" - Italian for bee ) is a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle first produced in 1948 by Piaggio.

"Tow Mater" better know as simply Mater or Martin is the main protagonist in Cars 2. He also appears in his very own short series Cars Toons Mater's Tall Tales as the main character. Catch all 9 episode in his blu-ray or dvd. His best friend is Lightning McQueen. Mater also likes to go Tractor Tippin' at night, his favorite hobby. In Cars 2, since Mater plays a role in a spy affair, he is added several gadgets, however not as spectacular as those of Finn McMissile or Holley Shiftwell. Since Mater is not familiar with his gadgets, they are activated by voice commands.

- Deployable machine guns: Deployed when Mater uses his catchphrase "Dad-gum."
- Twin rockets: Give Mater a powerful boost, and help him when gliding.
- Deployable paraglider: it permits Mater to glide in the air.
- Deployable holographic disguise emitter: Disguised as the flashing light on the roof. The device instantaneously makes a disguise all around Mater, like Ivan Mater, Dracula Mater, Drag , Materhosen or Kabuki Mater.

When Pixar and LEGO decided to team up together to create some awesome Cars2 Pixar LEGO toy sets, they made the right decision! Many Lego fans and Cars 2 fans from around the world are now crazy with joy and excitement. There are certainly many exciting Cars 2 lego sets available in toy stores (including Toysrus and Disney stores), including Flo's V8 Cafe (8487) and Tokyo International Circuit (8679), which seem to be extremely popular!

- Mater's license plate is A113, a recurring joke in Pixar films.
- Mater have been released in Cars, Cars Toons and Cars 2 Die-cast
- Mater and Ivan are the only characters in Cars 2 that are tow trucks.
- During the credit roll of Cars 2, Mater's passport scrolls past. His birth date is listed on it. Its the same as John Lasseter January 12, 1957

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"Race Team Mater" "Sal Machiani"

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