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Cars Flik with P.T. Flea die-cast A Bug's Life Movie Moments Pixar Mattel

Hello Disney Pixar Fans, it's your friend blucollection here showing you another great collection from the Disney Pixar film CARS.

Cars Movie Moments Flik & P.T. Flea RaceoRama 1:55 Scale die-cast from Mattel. Your favorite characters from the hit DisneyPixar movie CARS, are available in new collectible die-cast 2-Packs called Race-o-rama. Each 2-pack features a hard to find car that's not available in the current main line. It's movie night in Radiator Springs! Lightning McQueen, Mater and all the townsfolk are down at the local drive-in watching the new blockbuster Pixar movie, "A Bug's Life" or should I say "A Cars Life" starring Flik and P.T.Flea from Movie Moments set collection 2-pack.

The drive-in movie shows A Bug's Life, featuring stylized car versions of characters Flik, the circus bugs and P.T. Flea

Flik is a bug that takes the road less traveled. He's never quite fit into the convoy of bugs he rides with because he's an individualist, an inventor, and in big trouble when the convoy finds out the warrior vehicles he hired to save them are actually circus cars. Flik is a1955 Volkswagen Beetle.

Circus promoter P.T. Flea has spent his life motoring around backyards; literally looking under every rock to find the next big act, like the "Flying Winnebago Brothers and their Unbreakable Trampoline" or the "Screaming Wheelies" whose tires squealed so loudly every headlight in the audience was shattered, and he's still paying off the insurance bill on that one. PT Flea's Tireless Troupe of Circus Cars might look like some small-time act, but these guys will knock your brakes pads off! They've traveled from Hartford to Hayward performing their death defying, flaming exhaust pipe jumps, and harrowing stunt driving with true professional flare!

A Bug's Life is a 1998 American computer animated adventure comedy film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures in US in1998. Directed by John Lasseter, the film is the second DisneyPixar feature film after Toy Story, and the third American computer animated film after Toy Story and DreamWorks Antz, it tells the tale of an oddball individualist inventor ant named Flik who hires what he thinks are "warrior bugs" actually circus performers to fight off a small band of grasshoppers who have made the ant colony their servants.

Vida de Inseto (título no Brasil) ou Uma Vida de Insecto (título em Portugal)) é um filme de animação computadorizado produzido pela Pixar em 1998 e distribuído pela Walt Disney Pictures. Bichos, una aventura en miniatura es una película de animación generada por ordenador realizada por Pixar

1001 pattes ou Une vie de bestiole au Québec (A Bug's Life) est le 2e film d'animation en images de synthèse des studios Pixar. Co-produit par Walt Disney Pictures.

Megaminimondo è un film d'animazione del 1998 diretto da John Lasseter,

Das große Krabbeln ist der zweite abendfüllende, vollständig computergenerierte Animationsfilm der Pixar-Animations-Studios .

Music: Kevin MacLeod

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