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Cars Lizzie with Stanley & Red die-cast Movie Moments Mattel Radiator Springs

Hello Disney Pixar Fans, it's your friend blucollection here showing you another great collection from the Disney Pixar film CARS.

This is the Supercharged movie moments edition with Red, Stanley and Lizzie. Only Stanley is made of plastic. Lizzie and Red are original 1:55 scale die-casts from Mattel. Fantastic quality and details!

Red may not be a fire truck of many words, but what he doesn't say, he shows through his generous actions. Whether its putting out a tire fire or caring for the beautiful flowers, Red is there to support and protect his beloved town. Red takes negative comments on the town very personally. So if you have something bad to say about Radiator Springs, you'd better watch out, because if there's one thing Red's not afraid of, it's his emotions. Red is a fire truck from the movie Cars. He is very shy and initially did not like Lightning McQueen, but eventually took a liking to him
Red reappears in Cars 2. In Cars, he was voiced by Joe Ranft who passed away in 2005. However, Red does not speak in Cars 2. He only makes a small appearance at the airport, crying as he sees 'Team McQueen' taking off for Tokyo. He also appears in the battle against the lemons, where he arrives just in time to blast some of the lemons away with his fire hose.

Stanley is the departed patriarch of Radiator Springs, and the deceased husband of Lizzie, depicted in the film "Cars" in the form of a bronze statue that stands at the end of Main Street, in front of the Town courthouse.The statue appears to be black,with water coming out from the pedestal. The statue of Stanley marks the very spot where Radiator Springs was founded. As he was traveling west searching for a place to settle and make his fortune, Stanley stumbled upon a natural spring coming up from the earth. He stopped to fill his radiator and never left. Soon afterward Stanley met Lizzie, the love of his life, and together they founded Radiator Springs, which soon became a legendary resting spot for travelers making their way across Route 66. At the end of Cars 2, Mater passed the statue with his rockets, causing the statue to spin around, but it landed on its original spot. Stanley is also seen in Cars Toon Heavy Metal Mater when Dex rolls out of the room; he is seen at the end of the hall. You can find this episode in the Mater tall tales blu-ray dvd.

When Lizzie first rolled into Radiator Springs in 1927, it was love at first sight -- love for the town and love for Stanley, the town founder. But she kept Stanley on the soft shoulder for months. Until one day, she realized that Stanley's vision for a new oasis in the desert had enraptured her, too. From that day on, the two became the inseparable heart and soul of the town. Lizzie and Stanley eventually got married and remained together until Stanley died.
Lizzie owns the Radiator Springs Curios shop. As Lightning McQueen helps bring Radiator Springs back to life, Lizzie is seen talking to the statue of her husband, saying, "Oh, Stanley, I wish you could see this.", implying that she still misses him. Lizzie is a minor character in the sequel. She greets Lightning McQueen when he comes back to Radiator Springs, but didn't even know that he was gone all this time. Strangely, she doesn't see him off at the airport. At the end while Mater is telling a story she talks with Mack.

Radiator Springs was founded by a steam car named Stanley on May 9, 1909, and a statue of him is outside the town courthouse. He named it "Radiator Springs" when he and Lizzie were cooling their radiators by a spring. Later, Stanley married Lizzie. After Stanley died, more people came to live in Radiator Springs, and the town grew. It was a popular rest area where almost all cars would stop to shop and fill their gas tank. However, in the the early 1960's, Interstate 40 was built near Radiator Springs, which greatly decreased traffic for Radiator Springs, since the Interstate bypassed the town. In 2006, famous racecar Lightning McQueen destroyed the town's main road in a hurry to get to a Piston Cup race in Los Angeles, California, and was arrested for 5 days to fix the road.

Music Kevin MacLeod

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