Friday, January 13, 2012

Combat Ship Tony Trihull Lights and sounds 3 diecast CARS 1/43 scale playset Pixar

Professor Zs hulking Combat Ship gives Finn McMissile a moment of high octane anxiety in Cars 2. Now this big bad battleship called Tony Trihull floats an ocean of fun your way as a play vehicle that converts into a die cast collectors carrying case! Combat ship vehicle is also a carry case Retractable carrying handle lid opens up to reveal slotted storage tray with two interior areas that hold up to 12 diecasts. Ships gun barrels can be manually rotated and pressed to activate character sounds. Super bright LED on nose Hidden button triggers gun rotating up from below deck. Rolling base This is a plastic Ship, not a water toy, and measures 7 H x 6 1/2 W x 21 long. Requires 3 x AA batteries included and comes with 3 deluxe size die-cast cars 2 1/43 scale exclusive from Disneystore. Sells for $30 dollars.

Includes Finn McMissile, ACER, GREM, all 3 with guns
3 diecasts 1:43 scale
Retractable carrying handle
Gun barrels can be manually rotated
Super bright led on nose
Rolling base
Button triggers gun rotating up from below deck
Two interior storage areas hold 12 die cast Cars
Lid opens up to reveal storage tray

Tony Trihull is one of the heavily-equipped combat ships who works for Professor Z. He serves as a guard and transportation for the Professor and the lemons. He is first seen in the beginning of the film, where he confronts Crabby, who has Finn McMissile aboard him, and tells him to turn around while pointing his lazer weapon at him which forces Crabby to leave. Without Tony knowing, Finn McMissile hitches a ride on him where Tony arrives at the oil rigs. He is later seen towards the end in London , when Professor Z is trying to escape, yelling for the Professor to hurry and get aboard him. Finn McMissile stops the Professor, which forces Tony to use a magnetic device pulling the Professor to him. McMissile then shoots out several mini-bombs out of his wheels which cling on to Tony's magnet, resulting in a huge explosion killing Tony.

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