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Hey guys, I just found the newest and coolest "cars 2 diecast collection" ever. This package is called "Five racers and their chiefs". All these cars are 1/43 scale diecasts and can only be found exclusively at Disneystore for $40. Here in this package we have 10 cars. That is 5 racers and 5 pit crew chiefs. Here we have Miguel Camino with Petro Cartalina, Jeff Gorvette with John Lassetire, Francesco Bernoulli with Giuseppi Motorosi, Max Schnell with Otton Bonn and Miguel Camino with Petro Cartalina

Miguel Camino pit crew chief is Petro Cartalina
Jeff Gorvette pit crew chief is John Lassetire
Francesco Bernoulli pit crew chief is Giuseppi Motorosi
Max Schnell pit crew chief is Otton Bonn
Miguel Camino pit crew chief is Petro Cartalina

"John Lassetire"
John Lassetire, who's the pit crew chief behind #24 Jeff Gorvette, a U.S. champion and a contender in the global competition. John is a legendary crew chief, having extensive team experience in both the Piston Cup and the American Grand Touring Sports racing classes. Known for a cool head under stress, decisive leadership, and the ability to get the job done, John has that golden clutch. All these skills led to his being paired with his longtime friend in racing, Jeff Gorvette. Now the winning pair is gearing up to take it all at the World Grand Prix. John Lassetire is an all-American pick up truck. The truck he is most likely modeled after is an early 1990s Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Truck. The character is based on Director John Lasseter.

"Giuseppe Motorosi"
Giuseppe may have "la dolce vita" now, but back in the late 1960s, he had a major spill on the "Curva Parabolica" at Monza during a big race. Thankfully for us, his previous accident couldn't steer him away from the motor-sports world entirely, and he never lost his passion for winning. Signor Motorosi quit racing and has now partnered with fellow Italian and Formula Race champion Francesco Bernoulli. He is confident that they'll sweep the series at the WGP, World Grand Prix and if there's one car who knows Francesco better than he knows himself, it's Giuseppe.

Otto Bonn
Otto Bonn dabbled in sports-car racing early in his career, as many WTCL racers come from his family, but he found his true calling as a team crew chief. His technical prowess, eye for meticulous detail, and laser-like focus led Max Schnell to partner Herr Bonn early in his racing career. The winning pair has racked up a number Torque League cups around Europe, and they're now poised to take their rightful place in the World Grand Prix. Otto Bonn is modeled after a 2004 Audi TT

Bruce Boxmann
Bruce is among the world's most demanding crew chiefs. He's notorious around the racing world for his intense, revved-up training sessions. Bruce is incredibly strict on his current racing champion, Lewis Hamilton, keeping him on a daily regimen of 100 hot laps and 2 hours of chicane work each morning. He expects Hamilton to maintain the same technical discipline, whether he's casually driving around town or going all-out in competition. With focused training like this, it's no wonder that Boxmann and Lewis are a highly favored team to win at the World Grand Prix. Bruce is really of the same model as Bob Cutlass

Petro Cartalina
Petro Cartalina serves as Miguel Camino's pit crew chief. He is modeled after an two-door Opel Corsa.

Other Pit crew chief from Cars 2
Francesco Bernoulli pit crew chief is Giuseppe Motorosi
Jeff Gorvette pit crew chief is John Lassetire
Nigel Gearsley pit crew chief is Austin Littleton.
Shu Todoroki pit crew chief is Mach Matsuo
Raoul ÇaRoule pit crew chief is Bruno Motoreau
Carla Veloso pit crew chief is Cruz Besouro
Lightning Mcqueen pit crew chief is Mater

Here's the entire full list of diecast singles from Cars2
01) Race Team Mater
02) Finn McMissile
03) McQueen w/ Racing Wheels
04) Francesco Bernoulli
05) Holley Shiftwell
06) Professor Z
07) Jeff Gorvette
08) Carla Veloso
09) Raoul ÇaRoule
10) Race Team Luigi
11) Race Team Guido
12) Acer
13) Grem
14) Race Team Fillmore
15) Race Team Sarge
16) Rod "Torque" Redline
17) Miles Axlerod
18) Petrov Trunkov
19) Hydraulic Ramone
20) Nigel Gearsley
21) Max Schnell
22) Shu Todoroki
23) Miguel Camino
24) Lewis Hamilton
25) Carlo Maserati
26) Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
27) Mel Dorado



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