Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Real Lightning McQueen Interactive remote control Cars 2 Air Hogs

Get the real deal with the real Lightning McQueen vehicle 1/12 scale. Watch his eyes and mouth come to life with amazing impulse projection technology. Interact with Lightning McQueen like never before as he teaches you how to maneuver him and rewards your driving skills. With bump detection technology, Lightning McQueen will react to ign collisions and ever call in his pit crew for repairs. Lightning McQueen not only delivers his famous lines from the movie, but also speaks new, never-before-heard lines that you can only hear when you're driving the real Lightning McQueen. Ka-chow!

Talking interactive radio control vehicle with two play modes. Rookie Mode: Learn to drive as Lightning McQueen talks and teaches you. Race Mode: Drive full function R/C while listening to Lightning McQueen talk. Over 35 phrases. Bump detection. All made of plastic with plastic stickers, decals, all over. For indoor use ONLY. Requires 4 x AA and 3 x AAA batteries, not included

In Cars 2, Lightning Mcqueen is racing in the first ever World Grand Prix to determine who's the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours, and hilarious surprises. Number 95 Lightning McQueen is now a permanent resident of Radiator Springs, and he's a winner of four Piston Cups.
After his latest win, Lightning returns home to enjoy life in the slow lane for a while with sweetheart Sally, best friend Mater and the rest of his Radiator Springs family. His off-season is unexpectedly cut short when Mater inadvertently prompts Lightning to enter the World Grand Prix, a high profile, three-part exhibition race that will take him around the globe. With a fresh custom paint job and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime.New paint job on hood of Lightning McQueen

Nesta nova aventura, Relâmpago McQueen e Mate levam sua amizade a novos e emocionantes destinos internacionais. Quando McQueen é convidado a participar do primeiro Grand Prix Mundial que determinará quem é o carro mais veloz do planeta. A primeira parada é em Tóquio, Japão, onde a tradição secular convive com a tecnologia moderna. E assim como um Samurai dos dias atuais, Mate precisa bancar o agente secreto quando se envolve sem querer num caso de espionagem internacional.

Here's the entire full list of diecast singles from Cars2
01) Race Team Mater
02) Finn McMissile
03) McQueen w/ Racing Wheels
04) Francesco Bernoulli
05) Holley Shiftwell
06) Professor Z
07) Jeff Gorvette
08) Carla Veloso
09) Raoul ÇaRoule
10) Race Team Luigi
11) Race Team Guido
12) Acer
13) Grem
14) Race Team Fillmore
15) Race Team Sarge
16) Rod "Torque" Redline
17) Miles Axlerod
18) Petrov Trunkov
19) Hydraulic Ramone
20) Nigel Gearsley
21) Max Schnell
22) Shu Todoroki
23) Miguel Camino
24) Lewis Hamilton
25) Carlo Maserati
26) Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
27) Mel Dorado

Here's the entire updated list of deluxe diecast Cars 2
01) Submarine Finn Mcmissile
02) Holley Shiftwell with wings
03) RED
04) Double Decker Bux
05) Kingpin Nobunaga
06) Hydrofoil Finn Mcmissile
07) Pinion Tanaka
08) Pope Pinion IV
09) The Popemobile
10) The Queen
11) Siddeley

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