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Cars 2 pit crew chief 10 diecast collection toy review Disney Pixar

Hey guys, visiting one of my local Disney stores, I just found the newest and coolest "cars 2 diecast collection" ever. This package is called "Five racers and their chiefs". All these cars are 1/43 scale diecasts and can only be found exclusively at Disneystore for $60. Here in this package we have 10 cars. That is 5 racers and 5 pit crew chiefs. Here we have Carla Veloso with Cruz Besouro, Lightning Mcqueen with Mater, Raoul ÇaRoule with Bruno Motoreau, Nigel Gearsley with Austin Littleton and Shu Todoroki with Mach Matsuo.

Francesco Bernoulli pit crew chief is Giuseppe Motorosi
Jeff Gorvette pit crew chief is John Lassetire
Nigel Gearsley pit crew chief is Austin Littleton.
Shu Todoroki pit crew chief is Mach Matsuo
Raoul ÇaRoule pit crew chief is Bruno Motoreau
Carla Veloso pit crew chief is Cruz Besouro
Lightning Mcqueen pit crew chief is Mater

"Nigel Gearsley"
Nigel Gearsley is an Aston Martin racer bearing #9. During the race in Italy, Nigel is the second car to get hit by the lemons machine. Nigel speaks in Cars 2: The Video Game.

"Austin Littleton"
Coming from a long line of miniature champions, he is used to be one of England's premier rally racers. His reputation for racing success was the key in Nigel Gearsley's request to be coached by Austin at the World Grand Prix. Austin is modeled as a 1961 Mini Cooper.

"Shu Todoroki"
Shu Todoroki is a Le Motor Prototype racer representing Japan and bearing number 7 in the World Grand Prix. Shu was raised at the Mount Asama volcano in Japan, and soon became a champion on the Suzuka Circuit. His sleek design sports a fiery red Ka-Ryu dragon, which Shu borrowed from Japanese legend because he relates to the small, yet fierce nature of the dragon. Shu speaks in Cars 2: The Video Game.

"Mach Matsuo"
Custom painted with the Japan flag colors, he's modeled from a Datsun 240Z

"Raoul Caroule"
Known as the "World's Greatest Rally Car" and bearing number 6 Raoul ÇaRoule was born in Alsace, France. Raoul is confident he can use his rally experience to pull ahead of his fellow World Grand Prix racers during the three courses, especially with his fans in the stands waving banners that read, "ÇaRoule Ca-Rules!" Raoul's pit stop crew chief is Bruno Motoreau. Although he is silent in the movie, Raoul speaks in Cars 2: The Video Game. And he was never hit by the lemons weapon in any of the races.

"Bruno Motoreau"
Bruno serves as the pit crew chief for Raoul ÇaRoule in the World Grand Prix. Bruno is modeled as a Citroën DS

"Carla Veloso"
World Grand Prix contender Carla Veloso hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sweet but powerful Brazilian racer can dance the night away at Carnival but spends most of her time on the racetrack. After setting a new track record at the local Interlagos circuit, she was drafted to join the 24-hour endurance racing team in Europe, where she posted a consistent series of podium finishes. In the World Grand Prix, the proud Brazilian Le Motor Prototype racer is the only female in the field, and Carla is ready to prove to the world that #8 is there to win for her home country.

"Cruz Besouro"
He is Carla's pit crew chief, a fantastic green Volkswagen beetle. Cruz Besouro (which translates Beetle Cross) will be serving as the pit crew chief for Carla Veloso in the World Grand Prix. This one has NO headsets and looks completely different than the ones sold as a 2-pack with much darker green colors. And he's also much bigger measuring 3 inches long.

"Lightning Mcqueen"
In Cars 2, Lightning is racing in the first ever World Grand Prix to determine who's the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours, and surprises. With a fresh custom paint and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. This diecast of Mcqueen is exactly the same as the ones sold separately, same facial expression. Also has the new Hudson Hornet Piston Cup decals on his hood

Mater comes with headphones and looks exactly the same as the ones sold at disney store inside a collector's clear case.

Here's the entire full list of diecast singles from Cars2
01) Race Team Mater
02) Finn McMissile
03) McQueen w/ Racing Wheels
04) Francesco Bernoulli
05) Holley Shiftwell
06) Professor Z
07) Jeff Gorvette
08) Carla Veloso
09) Raoul ÇaRoule
10) Race Team Luigi
11) Race Team Guido
12) Acer
13) Grem
14) Race Team Fillmore
15) Race Team Sarge
16) Rod "Torque" Redline
17) Miles Axlerod
18) Petrov Trunkov
19) Hydraulic Ramone
20) Nigel Gearsley
21) Max Schnell
22) Shu Todoroki
23) Miguel Camino
24) Lewis Hamilton
25) Carlo Maserati
26) Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
27) Mel Dorado

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