Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pixar Fred Pacer with Luigi Mater Secret Mission Cars 2 diecast collection

Hey guys, welcome to another Disney Pixar cars 2 toys review. Today I bring to you from Cars 2 movie moments collection we have Luigi and Ferrari F430. From Disney Pixar Cars we have Mater's Secret Mission we have Fred Pacer and Holley Shiftwell. These are 1/55 scale die-cast and you can find these toys at any toy store like Target, walmart and Toysrus.

"Cars Ferrari F430 diecast"
With over 90 wins and seven championship titles to his name, Formula One racer Michael Schumacher is one of the most celebrated racecars ever. Born into humble origins, he grew up on the local short track his father maintained, and developed the skills he would need to become one of the most accomplished athletes in the world. Making his way up the ranks of the European road racing leagues, he went on to achieve a racing career so successful that his record will most likely never be surpassed. This Ferrari shows up in the Disney Pixar film Cars near the end of the film. Michael shows up at Luigi's Casa Della Tires at the recommendation of Lightning McQueen. He is accompanied by a pair of Maseratis who are named Costanzo Della Corsa and Antonio Veloce Eccellente. He is modeled after a 2004 Ferrari F430

"Fred Pacer"
Fred is a yellow pacer car who is part of the Pacer family that works with Professor Z. In the film, Fred is seen in the background of the scene where Professor Z tests his camera weapon on Rod Redline. He is also seen fighting Finn McMissile in a back alley in Tokyo. He is then thrown into an elevator by McMissile, that violently lifts and crashes with its roof, crushing Fred, leading to his death.

"Disney Pixar Cars Luigi"
In Cars the movie, Luigi runs the local tire shop in Radiator Springs, Luigi Casa Della Tires. If you're gonna be driving through this world, why not look good doing it? That's Luigi's motto. Cars may not get to choose their body type, but they all have a choice when it comes to the tires they wear. Luigi offers the finest selection of tires west of the Mississippi, and Luigi's Casa Della Tires is known far and wide for its impeccable service, competitive prices, and of course, its very stylish proprietor. Luigi is a huge fan of Ferrari Racing and is so happy when Ferrari Racer Michael Schumacher shows up at his shop wanting tires in the end.

Holley is a beautiful young British desk agent turned spy-in-training who is stationed in Tokyo. Well-educated and sharp, she knows every trick in the book. She is armed with all of the latest state-of-the-art spy equipment imaginable, from hidden cameras and concealed weapons to a telescoping utility arm and a holographic pop-up display. Holley is a highly motivated agent, but is fresh out of the academy, so her experience is based on lessons learned in school rather than real-life situations. When Finn McMissile requires Holley's technical expertise for his latest top-secret field operation, she finds herself pursuing a rendezvous with the most unlikely candidate -- Mater, an innocent tow truck caught up in the intrigue, who is mesmerized by the beauty of his newest friend. At the end at the movie she says she is Mater`s girlfriend and says to Mater that he still owes her a first date. As a british spy, Holley Shiftwell is equipped with several cool gadgets.

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