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Cars 2 Denise Beam diecast 4 pack Target exclusive with Raoul CaRoule, Miguel Camino

Cars 2 Denise Beam diecast 4 pack Target exclusive with Raoul CaRoule, Miguel Camino

Hey guys, visiting one of my local Target stores, I just found the newest Racing 4-pack diecast package with Denise Beam, Lightning Mcqueen, Miguel Camino and Raoul ÇaRoule (pronounce "Raul saroole"). These 4 diecasts are exclusive from Target stores.

"Denise Beam"
She's a 1/55 scale diecast measuring 3 inches long, no stickers and has this light green color with a plastic brazilian flag on her left door. She is the biggest number 01 fan of brazilian racer Carla Veloso. She attends all her races. And she also records all Carla's races so she can watch and re-watch every race. Special detail on her license plate which reads "0926 D. Ream" which stands for Denise Ream, who is the producer of the film Cars 2 and her birthday September 26th.

"Miguel Camino"
He's the racer bearing number 5 from Spain. He has no stickers, al custom painted with they Spanish flag colors. In the movie Cars2, Miguel is the first racer to get hit by the Lemon's radiation beam machine in Tokyo. Miguel's pit crew chief is Petro Cartalina. Mattel made a mistake with his red spoiler which was supposed to be a black spoiler just like in the movie Cars 2.

"Raoul Caroule"
Known as the "World's Greatest Rally Car" and bearing number 6 Raoul ÇaRoule was born in Alsace, France. Raoul is confident he can use his rally experience to pull ahead of his fellow World Grand Prix racers during the three courses, especially with his fans in the stands waving banners that read, "ÇaRoule Ca-Rules!" Raoul's pit stop crew chief is Bruno Motoreau. Although he is silent in the movie, Raoul speaks in Cars 2: The Video Game. And he was never hit by the lemons weapon in any of the races.

"Lightning Mcqueen"
In Cars 2, Lightning is racing in the first ever World Grand Prix to determine who's the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours, and surprises. With a fresh custom paint and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. This diecast of Mcqueen is exactly the same as the ones sold separately, same facial expression. Also has the new Hudson Hornet Piston Cup decals on his hood

From the 2011 Die-cast Collectors Checklist that was given at the San Diego Comic Con here's the exclusive list from Mattel of future releases from Cars 2. These are found in some multipack, such as 2 pack movie moments, 4 pack, 5 pack, 7 packs and 10 pack. Here's the full list.

01. Zen Master Pitty 2 pack movie moments
02. Brent Mustangburger 2 pack movie moments
03. Lightning Mcqueen with Party wheels movie moments
04. Damaged Rod Redline 2 pack movie moments
05. Uncle Topolino 2 pack movie moments
06. Tomber 2 pack movie moments
07. Security Guard Finn 2 pack movie moments
08. Sal Machiani 2 pack movie moments
09. Giuseppe Motorosi 2 pack movie moments
10. Cruz Besouro 2 pack movie moments
11. John Lassetire 2 pack movie moments
12. Tyler Gremlin 2 pack movie moments
13. Fred Pacer 2 pack movie moments
14. Mater with Spy Glasses 2 pack movie moments
15. Finn McMissile with Weapon 2 pack movie moments
16. Wasabi Mater 5 pack
17. You Da Bomb Mater 5 pack
18. Ronnie Del Cooper 4 pack
19. Frank Clutchenson 7 pack
20. Darrell Cartrip 2 pack movie moments
21. Denise Beam Target Racing 4 pack.
22. Okuni 10 pack and coming in 5 pack
23. Shigeko 10 pack
24. Tamiko coming in 5 pack?
25. Ivan Mater
26. Fillmore with HeadSet 2 pack movie moments
27. Uncle Topolino with Tires 5 pack
28. Tomber with Oil Can 5 pack
29. Damaged Rod Torque Redline with boot
30. Pit Crew Mater (headphones)
31. Leland Turbo 2 pack movie moments
32. Mama Topolino 2 pack movie moments
33. David Hobbscap (6 Pack)
34. Bruno Motoreau, Raoul's crew chief, 2-pack Movie Moments
35. McQueen with Travel Wheels 2 pack movie moments

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