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Rip Clutchgoneski 20 cars 2 diecast collection unboxing Disney Pixar

Unboxing this fantastic case of 20 die-cast cars from Disney Pixar animated movie CARS 2. Purchased at my local Disney store, these are 1:43 scale, much bigger than the usual die-cast and measures around 3'' to 5'' inches long! Starring all of your favorite hot rods from the Disney Pixar film Cars 2, this set is perfect for play or display! The only set to have the most anticipated diecast of Rip Clutchgoneski racer. A great holiday Christmas present for any Cars2 fan.

20 cars die-cast in this set are:
Rip Clutchgoneski, Lightning Mcqueen, Carla Veloso, Francesco Bernoulli, Miguel Camino, Jeff Gorvette, Raoul Caroule, Shu Todoroki, Max Schnell, Nigel Gearsley, Louis Hamilton, Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, Professor Z, Acer, Grem, Rod Torque Redline, Mater, Miles Axlerod, Tomber,

"Rip Clutchgoneski"
"The former European colony and newly independent Republic of New Rearendia is desperate to put their name on the map -- the #10 open-wheeled racer Rip Clutchgoneski is their best bet. After putting together a remarkable string of qualifying races, Rip's entry into the World Grand Prix is clearly the Cinderella story of the competition. Though Rip credits luck for his chance on the international stage, it's really skill and exuberance that brought the proud New Rearendian racer to the starting line." Rip Clutchgoneski participated to all three World Grand Prix races, as well as to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. Because of his modest origin from an unknown country and of his lack of titles, Rip was the least popular racer and could be considered the rookie of the competition. Rip's design is inspired by ign Caparo T1. Rip Clutchgoneski is the only racer in The World Grand Prix that doesn't have a "pit crew chief", just a pit crew consisting of several pitties.

"Carla Veloso"
World Grand Prix contender Carla Veloso hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Here's the entire updated full list of diecast singles from Cars2
01) Race Team Mater
02) Finn McMissile
03) McQueen w/ Racing Wheels
04) Francesco Bernoulli
05) Holley Shiftwell
06) Professor Z
07) Jeff Gorvette
08) Carla Veloso
09) Raoul ÇaRoule
10) Race Team Luigi
11) Race Team Guido
12) Acer
13) Grem
14) Race Team Fillmore
15) Race Team Sarge
16) Rod "Torque" Redline
17) Miles Axlerod
18) Petrov Trunkov
19) Hydraulic Ramone
20) Nigel Gearsley
21) Max Schnell
22) Shu Todoroki
23) Miguel Camino
24) Lewis Hamilton
25) Carlo Maserati
26) Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
27) Mel Dorado

Here's the entire list of deluxe diecast Cars 2
01) Submarine Finn Mcmissile
02) Holley Shiftwell with wings
03) RED
04) Double Decker Bux
05) Kingpin Nobunaga
06) Hydrofoil Finn Mcmissile
07) Pinion Tanaka
08) Pope Pinion IV
09) The Popemobile
10) The Queen
11) Siddeley

Here's the pit crew chief for Cars 2:
Carla Veloso & Cruz Besouro (link below)
Jeff Gorvette & John Lassetire (link below)
Giuseppe Motorosi & Francesco Bernoulli (link below)
Pit crew chief collection (link below)

Francesco Bernoulli pit crew chief is Giuseppe Motorosi
Jeff Gorvette pit crew chief is John Lassetire
Nigel Gearsley pit crew chief is Austin Littleton.
Shu Todoroki pit crew chief is Mach Matsuo
Raoul ÇaRoule pit crew chief is Bruno Motoreau
Carla Veloso pit crew chief is Cruz Besouro
Lightning Mcqueen pit crew chief is Mater and Fillmore

A corredora do Grande Prêmio Mundial vem do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A doce latina pode dançar a noite toda, mas passa a maior parte de seu tempo na pista de corridas. Depois de bater um novo recorde no circuito de Interlagos, em São Paulo ela foi escalada para se juntar à equipe que vai correr a prova de resistência de 24 horas na Europa, onde ela conquistou uma série consistente de pódios. No Grande Prêmio mundial o orgulho brasileiro é a única mulher na pista, e Carla está pronta para provar ao mundo que o número 8 está ali para vencer por seu país. Ela nao fala no filme, porem fala no videogame.

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Rip Clutchgoneski
Lightning Mcqueen
Carla Veloso
Francesco Bernoulli
Miguel Camino
Jeff Gorvette
Shu Todoroki
Max Schnell
Nigel Gearsley
Louis Hamilton
Holley Shiftwell
Professor Z
Rod Torque Redline
Miles Axlerod
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