Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cars Toon Collectors Guide Diecast Collection Race-o-rama booklet Pixar Disney

Hey guys, today we're gonna take a close-up closer look at this little pocket booklet called "2009 Collectors Guide" from "Race-o-rama" collection. So thinkfast and get your die-cast toys soon. Comes with 88 pages fully illustrated with over 135 color images of die-cast Cars, divided as:
Piston Cup, Radiator Springs, Piston Cup racers, Piston Cup race day, Piston Cup pit crew, Highway 66, Dinoco, Megasize, Trucks and Trailers, Cars Toon, Maters Tall Tales and Rusteze. Hopefully we'll have a "Cars 2 guide" or better yet a "Cars 2 Collectors guide" Mater's Tall Tales.

Dirt Track Mcqueen, Cactus Mcqueen, Doc Hudson, yellow Ramone, hydraulic Ramone, Ghoslight Ramone, purple Ramone, Bumper sticker Mcqueen, Hamm, Yeti snowplow, Lizzie, Boost, Snot Rod, Tumbleweed, Blowing Bubbles Mater, Muddy Mcqueen, Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Mario Andretti, Lightning Mcqueen Storm, Marco, Lightyear blimp, Dinoco, Dinoco helicopter, truck Mack, Elvis RV, Hummer Sven, Bob Cutlass, Darrell Cartrip, Fred, Chuki, Charlie Checker, Todd, Pit crew Fillmore, Leroy Traffik, Wingo, Bling Bling Mcqueen, Dinoco Mcqueen, Rusteze, Rescue Squad Mater, Burnt Mcqueen, Dr Mater, Nurse Mia Tia, Maters Tall Tales, Cars Toon, Mater the Greater, El Materdor, Heavy Metal Mater, Tokyo Mater, Mia and Tia.

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