Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carrera Go!!! Cars 2 speedway track Disney Pixar toy review 720p HD

The Carrera Go! Series is a world class starter system for kids 8 and up. All sets include "Turbo Speed" controllers for added racing boost. There is an extensive variety of accessories for thrilling action. The track system has an "Easy to Assemble" bolt system. The street curves have red and white printed shoulders. All cars are fitted with double contact brushes. This new Cars 2 - Carrera Go Race Around the World includes Lightning Mcqueen racing against Francesco Bernoulli. The Go Series and Disney Cars 2 - the perfect combination. With approximately 21 feet of track, this racecourse comes with two 1:43-scale plastic race cars based on the film characters Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks. With twists, turns, ramps, and even places where the two racing cars can collide, it's a thrilling race from start to finish. Sells for about $60 at ToysRus stores.

Carrera is one of the premier track-racing companies in the world, and this track proves their expertise. The 26 track pieces come in a variety of shapes, including hairpin turns, loops, and a pit stop area. They lock together using a bolt system, which makes the track easy to assemble. Also included are several decorative set pieces, all matching the theme of "Cars 2" The two cars included with the track are well-constructed, with a durable plastic chassis. The cars also feature double-contact brushes, which make sure you have a fast and controlled race every time. The racers can be controlled with an easy-to-use remote control. Carrera has also incorporated a "Turbo" speed button, which allows the cars to reach even faster speeds. At full speed, they'll traverse the entire 21-foot track in close to 10 seconds. There's also a lap counter, allowing you to take a break from competitive play and race against your best times.

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Disney Pixar CARS 2 Movie Exclusive Carrera Go Race Around The World 1:43 Scale Slot Racing System [Lightning McQueen vs Francesco Bernoulli]

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