Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gear Up and Go Mater Cars 2 Spy Vehicle Disney Pixar Mattel 3 in 1

In this video I'm gonna review Gear Up and Go Mater Spy Vehicle from Mattel, Disney and Pixar. With a wide range of gear and gadgets sure to fit any task, spy Mater is ready for action and prepared to make all his secret missions a success. This is a 3 vehicles in one! tow truck Mater, crew chief Mater and super spy Mater. Transform Mater from regular tow truck into crew chief for the World Grand Prix or gear him up for a top secret mission as super spy Mater. He's like this fantastic and super awesome spy shifter Mater. Comes with 11 mix and match accessories: 1 parachute 1 headset 1 spy screen 1 engine 1 engine with bomb 2 Gatling guns 2 rocket boosters 2 race team Mcqueen door panels UPC 746775077129 ASIN: B0060RZIBI W7867 ASIN: B004MYH0B2 "Music: Kevin MacLeod" Category: Entertainment Tags: toys blucollection gear up and go Mater spy Mater Cars 2 die-cast Disney cars collection Pixar cars collection tow truck Mater crew chief Mater secret spy Mater super spy Mater cars 2 gear up go Mater spy vehicle cars 2 transforming cars 2 transformers Cars 2 new cars 2 toys turntable review toychannel Mattel carrinhos team Mcqueen parachute Mater spy screen Mater toy Mater with parachute cars 2 spy accessories cars 2 spy gear spy shifter Mater

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