Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don Crumlin die-cast Russ Gremlin Cars 2 #31 Disney Pixar Mattel J. Curby pacer

Here's the newest die-cast from Mattel #31 Don Crumlin aka Russ Gremlin. This is a 1:55 scale diecast similar to J.Curby Gremlin J. Curby is the current patriach of the Gremlin crime family. J. Curby Gremlin is a purple and yellow striped gremlin car who works with Professor Z. He is head of the Gremlin family. J. Curby and the other main heads of the three lemon families (Pacer, Trunkov, Hugo) attend a meeting with Professor Z in Porto Corsa to discuss their evil plans about discrediting Allinol by using the electromagnetic pulse generator disguised as a camera to cause the racers in the World Grand Prix that use the gas to blow their engines and crash, and ensure that all cars keep using conventional fuel to secure the profits of their "lemon" organization who managed to secure the largest unexplored oil resources in the world. J. Curby is seen smiling at the idea. He mentioned himself that he is from Detroit, Michigan when Victor Hugo entered the meeting room in Italy. Near the end of the film, J. Curby Gremlin is sprayed all over by Red from behind. He is then arrested in London with his fellow lemons Pacer, Trunkov and Hugo. He is the only head lemon seen with a weapon. Deployable Machine Gun : located on his right side, he got it out trying to kill Holley Shiftwell, Finn McMissile, Lightning McQueen, and Mater but before he could fire he got sprayed by Red. His license plate reads WREKD, short for wrecked. UPC 746775035372 Die-cast can range from cars and motorcycles to trains and airplanes, which comes in small or large size, called scale, and they are made of metal. To make a die-cast car, a liquid metal is poured into a mold and it stays there until it becomes a solid piece metal. Then toymakers like Mattel add paint and pieces of plastic or rubber transforming them into the toys we see at the store everyday. The process of die casting is where toys like Hot Wheels and Cars die-cast get their name. Almost all Disney Pixar cars, cars 2 and cars toon Mater's tall tales are die-cast vehicles. Category: Entertainment Tags: Disney Pixar Cars 2 J Curby Gremlin diecast J. Curby Gremlin die-cast Tyler Gremlin die-cast Grem die-cast Tyler Gremlin Cars 2 Grem blucollection Cars 2 diecast Cars 2 die-cast Cars 2 die cast Cars 2 #31 Todd Gremlin Pixar cars channel Cars 2 new toys Cars 2 new releases cars 2 purple lemon car cars 2 purple car purple lemon car Cars 2 Don Crumlin Don Crumlin diecast Don Crumlin die-cast Cars 2 Russ Gremlin Russ Gremlin die-cast carrinhos carros 2

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