Friday, September 16, 2011

Cars 2 Security Guard Finn McMissile Diecast Toy review from Pixar

Today I bring to you "Security Guard Finn McMissile" a brand new exclusive diecast from the movie Cars 2. This is a 1:55 scale die-cast 2-pack combo with ACER. He looks exactly the same as the scene from the movie Cars 2 where Finn is disguised as "Airport Security Guard" meeting Mater for the first time.

Finn McMissile
He is a master British secret spy agent who recruits Mater, whom he mistakes for a cleverly disguised American agent, to help in his mission. Though charming and eloquent, intelligence and years in the field that enable him to thwart unexpected attacks from bad guys, making quick daredevil escapes. Finn's design is sleek and timeless, but he's also prepared for any tricky situation with an arsenal of ultra-cool gadgets and weaponry, including front and rear grappling hooks, a missile launcher, deployable magnetic explosives and a holographic disguise emitter. As a seasoned professional in the game of international espionage, Finn believes there is a conspiracy brewing during the World Grand Prix. His clandestine work surrounding the global exhibition race puts him on a collision course with Mater. Finn is fluent in many languages, most notably French and Italian. His license plate is 314 FMCM, which stands for voice actor's birthday and name March 14, Finn McMissile Caine Michael

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