Friday, September 16, 2011

Cars 2 Race Launcher World Grand Prix Toy review Speedway

Hey guys today I'm gonna show you this pretty cool race launcher from Cars 2 with 10 tracks.
The "World Grand Prix Race Launcher" is the only place where 10 Cars can face-off and race-off at the very same time. Raise the starting gates, push the launcher buttons and send 10 cars flying down the track until the fastest takes the lead! Open to play, then fold up and go! The Pit Row Raceway also provides space to "park" your racers when the race has ended. Includes one exclusive plastic car Lightning McQueen Cars 2 vehicle. There are 2 independent doors that swing down to become the exit ramps. The 2 gray buttons release the launchers. The case itself seems very sturdy and durable. Works perfectly with 1:55 scale cars and standard "Hot Wheels" Also works pretty well with many other kinds of cars, just not the small ones. Totally portable — open to play, then fold up and go! It sells for $20 in all toy stores..

08 Carla Veloso from Brazil
02 Lewis Hamilton from England
24 Jeff Gorvette from USA
06 Raoul ÇaRoule from France
95 Lightning Mcqueen from USA
01 Francesco Bernoulli from Italy
04 Max Schnell from Germany
05 Miguel Camino from Spain
07 Shu Todoroki from Japan
09 Nigel Gearsley from England

Cars 2 "World Grand Prix Race Launcher"
Cars 2 "Race Launcher" World Grand Prix

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