Friday, June 24, 2011

CHARGE UPS CARS 2 TOYS Disney Pixar + Charge n Race Speedway


Disney Pixar Cars 2 Charge-Ups is a Target Exclusive! I think in my opinion this is not such a good toy, first of all is NOT diecast, it's plastic, second its got few custom paint but mostly are stickers. But in order to play with these you also need a charger (to charge the cars) sold separately for $12 and also a raceway track which already comes with a charger and 2 cars but goes for $50. EACH charge-ups car goes for $10. These cars have a motor inside that charges up in 30 seconds with the Charge-Ups Charger and watch them Race Away! It seems they ONLY work in the speedway track. Available only at Target stores.

Here's a coupon from target to get 10% discount on any Disney Pixar Cars 2 new toys.
Also after expired, just google search the words "" and you will retrieve new coupons...

"Charge n Race Speedway UPS Cars 2"
"Target Exclusive Charge ups cars 2 Speedway"

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