Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2 Stephenson Spy Train Disney Pixar Mater's Secret Mission


Hey guys....Prepare for secret spy missions with Mater and this Spy Train Stephenson playset by Mattel which opens into a spy lab. One of his wagons contains high-tech equipment that permits to modify and add gadgets to a car. Thrilling twists and chilling turns await your little racer with the Disney Cars 2 Stephenson Spy Train Play Set. This is where Mater checks His New Disguises On Board of The Spy Train Stephenson, this is a cool toy!

Mater and Lightning McQueen take their friendship to new places when they head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix. But soon after Team Lightning McQueen leaves Radiator Springs for this adventure, Mater gets caught up in a top secret spy mission. Stephenson the Spy Train works for Finn McMissile.
Features a drive up ramp, moving "robotic" arms, weapons chest, pop-up computer terminal and working lift.
Includes 1:55 scale plastic Mater vehicle. Package box measures 14 ¾ x 3" x 5"
Prepare for Disney Pixar Mater's Secret Mission with Stephenson the Spy Train Vehicle Playset

Relâmpago McQueen/Relâmpago McQueen, a sua equipe e novas personagens percorrem o mundo pela Corrida dos Campeões (World Grand Prix), que decorrerá em cinco países diferentes: Japão, Alemanha, Itália, França e Inglaterra. No entanto, Mate, envolvido numa confusão de identidade, salva a vida de um agente secreto britânico: Aston Martin, chamado Finn McMissile, e acaba envolvido num esquema de espionagem que dura 24 horas


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