Thursday, July 7, 2011

CARS 2 Light-Up diecast 1/48 scale 4-pack Disney Pixar DisneyStore

These new cars 2 die cast toys are awesome !!!

Enjoy the high-speed thrills of the World Grand Prix by creating your own scenes with the cast of Cars 2! Lightning McQueen, Max Schnell, Raoul Çaroule and Nigel Gearsley all feature light-up headlights to make your Cars 2 fan beam. These diecasts measure a little over 4 inches long, that is 1:48 scale and sells for $30.00 at Disney stores. They are diecasts, not plastic toys and comes with NO paper stickers. Press button underneath each vehicle to activate working headlights. Each vehicle requires 3 x LR41/AG-3 button cell battery, included.

Max Schnell
Max Schnell started as a humble production sedan from Stuttgart, Germany. An avid amateur racer, Max would practice alone in the back roads of the dense Black Forest—a trek that eventually caught the eye of a racing team owner. Soon Max was on a professional circuit, bearing number 4, and as his horsepower increased, he converted himself to carbon fiber, dropping his weight and getting into prime racing shape. "Schnell" is a German word meaning "Fast". Max Schnell's name could be translated as "Maximum Speed".

Raoul Çaroule
Known as the "World's Greatest Rally Car number 6 Raoul ÇaRoule was born in Alsace, France. Raoul joined the famous Cirque du Voiture French circus where he learned Gymkhana -- a graceful, drift-filled motorsport that taught him pinpoint timing and an unparalleled ability to navigate tricky courses with ease. He's the first car to ever win nine consecutive rallies. Raoul is confident he can use his rally experience to pull ahead of his fellow World Grand Prix racers during the three courses' touchy dirt sections, especially with his fans in the stands waving banners that read, "ÇaRoule Ca-Rules!"

Nigel Gearsley
Nigel Gearsley from Warwickshire, England, is an Aston Martin DB9R racer bearing number 9. He got his start racing the Speed Hill Climb—a unique, completely uphill race through the Aston Hill Mountain Area that his family has run for generations. Nigel's racing career has been anything but an uphill challenge, as he's won nearly every start in the past few years on the Grand Touring Sports Car circuit, including a string of podiums at Nurburgring and Le Mans.

Lightning Mcqueen
With a fresh custom paint job and real, working headlights, Lightning sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. But competing against the fastest cars in the world tests more than his racing skills when Lightning realizes his wide-eyed best friend may not be the pit chief nor ambassador he needs to navigate the unfamiliar international terrain.

Nesta nova aventura, Relâmpago McQueen e Mate levam sua amizade a novos e emocionantes destinos internacionais. Quando McQueen é convidado a participar do primeiro Grand Prix Mundial que determinará quem é o carro mais veloz do planeta. A primeira parada é em Tóquio, Japão, onde a tradição secular convive com a tecnologia moderna. E assim como um Samurai dos dias atuais, Mate precisa bancar o agente secreto quando se envolve sem querer num caso de espionagem internacional.
Não há lugar no mundo como Radiator Springs, mas Paris chega perto! Relâmpago McQueen e Mate se aventuram numa viagem ao exterior em seu primeiro Grand Prix Mundial. Enquanto McQueen se concentra nas corridas, seu melhor amigo Mate se perde em alguns atalhos. Vai aí uma conspiração internacional? Em sua missão supersecreta, Mate tem a chance de percorrer os pontos turísticos de Paris, incluindo a Torre Eiffel, o Arco do Triunfo e os famosos gárgulas da catedral Notre Dame.
O super astro das corridas Relâmpago McQueen viajará ao exterior no próximo verão para disputar o primeiro Grand Prix Mundial que determinará o carro mais veloz do planeta. McQueen e seu melhor amigo, Mate fazem um pit stop em Londres, mas não há tempo para o chá, quando Mate e McQueen se enredam numa trama de espionagem internacional correndo diante da realeza. É um banquete apoteótico a viagem do superastro das corridas, Relâmpago McQueen e do simpático reboque Mate a Porto Corsa, Itália, para o primeiro Grand Prix Mundial. A dupla precisará dosar as especialidades da Riviera, veleiros, praias e pasta al pesto, quando Mate se desvia do caminho numa missão de espionagem altamente secreta e McQueen precisa correr contra os melhores do mundo!


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