Saturday, May 21, 2011

Real Tow Mater is on the Move!!! Follow Mater as he drives to his fans..

Come see up close Mater leaving the hauler truck Mack to see his fans in Downtown Disney Orlando. Mater is making a special appearance to say hi to his fans and pose for photos..
These are NOT toys, Mater is a huge life-size car from the Pixar movie Cars and "Cars Two".and he's part of the Car Masters Weekend "Cars 2" Agents on a Mission Tour with his friends Lightning McQueen, and Finn McMissile

The kids were geared up as they waited in line to get a picture with four-time Piston Cup champion Lightning McQueen and his best friend Tow Mater with master agent British spy Finn McMissile. "The 'Agents on a Mission' tour lets fans get face to face with 'Cars' favorites Lightning McQueen and Mater, plus the very cool, very savvy secret spy agent Finn McMissile, a new character from "Cars 2".

Fun Facts of "Cars Two" From State Farm "Agents On A Mission" Tour

The replica cars are the largest production radio-controlled replica cars ever built. At 1000 foot pounds of torque -- the electric motors provide enough power to theoretically climb a telephone pole!
Finn McMissile weighs in around 1,760 lbs
Lightning McQueen weighs in around 2,250 lbs
Mater weighs in at just over 2,700 lbs.

ART IN MOTION -- Because of the unique scale of these vehicles, all the exterior pieces had to be fabricated from scratch. No actual "off-the-shelf" car parts could be used. The sculpting process for each vehicle's body took 6-10 days, totaling 1000-1600 man hours. After the cars were carved in foam, a fiberglass mold was created, and from that the final bodies were produced.

The chassis for the cars are Model-T replica frames. Mater is hand-painted, using a proprietary system that creates real rust on his cab and bed. Because the cars had to reflect the designs of the film's characters, the control systems (switches, lights etc.) had to be built into the various parts of the car. These have been hidden from view.

FILL 'ER UP -- The cars are all electric powered. Each runs on four automotive-style batteries at 48 volts and can run for 30 minutes at full speed.

NO SPEEDING ZONE -- The cars can travel up to 10 miles per hour.

REV IT UP -- The engine sounds and exhaust sounds are recreated through a 200-watt sound system under the hood. The cars are controlled by a high-tech radio-control system normally used for high-end RC hobby cars.

TRICKY TIRES -- Lightning McQueen's tires are one of a kind due to their unique size and were fabricated by Goodyear specifically for the "Agents on a Mission" tour. Lightning McQueen is so low to the ground that he needs specially designed ramps to get over even the smallest bumps.

YOU'VE GOT THE LOOK -- There are three sets of eyes that are held to the windshield by magnets. The fiberglass windshield is imbedded with iron filings which attracts the magnetic eyes.
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